DroneSec Drone Security Workshop at Kids SecuriDay 2020

Mike Monnik
DroneSec Drone Security Workshop at Kids SecuriDay 2020

Registrations are now open for the Melbourne workshops at Kids SecuriDay 2020!

DroneSec are excited to be conducting a Drone Security focused workshop catered to kids (and their parents/guardians) at this event that will centre around how drones are currently being used in our everyday society, how they're used for good and the importance of understanding how to be able to secure against them being used for bad.

Workshop Details:

When: Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Where: Library at The Dock, Docklands.

For Whom: Ages 6 to 16.

How to Register: Head to the Kids SecuriDay website to register.

Drone Fun, Safety, and Security

This workshop combines both a theoretical and practical component that aims to educate children about drones and how drones can be helpful to us as a society, how they’re used for good, and how we can help to protect against them being used for bad.

The workshop topics include:

  • Drones for fun: demonstration and introduction to drones.
  • More than just fun: Jobs of the future and how drones help us in society.
  • Computers in the sky: An introduction to drone hacking and cyber-security.
  • Activity: Drones being used for bad – how can they be stopped?
  • Activity: Hands-on fun with drones and how anyone can build a drone.

About the presenters, Mike Monnik and Jill Taylor:

Mike Monnik is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of DroneSec – a company that focuses on the secure and safe use of Drones and Drone Technology. He helps to protect the people and businesses using drones for good from being hacked or hijacked, and stops the people using drones for bad from potentially hurting people or disrupting our day to day lives. Mike has been an ethical hacker since he was young, fighting the bad guys on the internet and protecting big organisations from viruses and malware. Outside of work, Mike likes to fly his drones, play in Capture-The-Flag hacking competitions and helps track down missing people via the internet.

Jill is the Business Development Manager at DroneSec, which means she gets to think, talk, and write about the importance of drones and drone security every day. As well as her background in marketing and business, Jill also has an interest in ethical hacking and is currently studying cybersecurity at Deakin University. She is incredibly passionate both about instilling the love of STEM in the next generation, as well as being a vocal supporter of the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry.  

See our Events page for more information on upcoming cybersecurity and Drone Security specific events, or head to the Kids SecuriDay Melbourne Workshop page to register for the Kids SecuriDay workshops.

DroneSec Drone Security Workshop Kids SecuriDay 2020

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