DroneSec Notify wins the Airwards

Mike Monnik
DroneSec Notify wins the Airwards

"The most innovative, responsible and impactful example of drone use in its category. Notify pulls detection and incident data from hundreds of sources to give a single operating picture of malicious or rogue drones around the globe." - Airwards judges

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When we built Notify, we envisioned a future where multiple disparate Counter-Drone systems, Aviation Authorities, Law Enforcement and OSINT would feed into a common operating picture, tracking drone threats and incidents around the world. We're so thankful of the external recognition and problem solving its enabled customers around the world to do.

Coming first in its category, 'Software - Captured data management and analysis', Notify pulls detection and incident data from hundreds of sources to give a single operating picture of malicious or rogue drones around the globe. Not only has it been used to aid and train law enforcement but also aided the creation of AI/ML datasets for use within major Urban Air Mobility programs. DroneSec Notify was created with the vision of safe and secure drone operations within autonomous mobility, transport and delivery.

Where CUAS providers may be limited by competitors in the space, Notify links these systems together giving a holistic view of incidents and threats around the world. Notify has been used to provide flash reports for law enforcement requests, VIP travel routes and trend analysis in determining if CUAS is relevant for an organisation's environment.

The whole team is both excited and proud to accept this recognition - its a testament to our culture and diverse team made of many skill-sets.

About DroneSec

DroneSec is cyber-security and threat intelligence firm for drones. We secure drone fleets and operations with our Drone Security Platform ‘Protect’ by reducing data-security and privacy risks, allowing firms to innovate with safe and secure operations. We provide situational awareness and a common operating picture of drone incidents and drone threat actors around the world with our UAV Threat Intelligence platform ‘Notify’. Over 400 organisations use DroneSec every week for early-warning and threat landscape awareness regarding commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) drones.

DroneSec is the industry’s most well-known and trusted partner for Drone Security and Counter-Drone training, with many firms recognising the importance of staff achieving the “Drone Security Operators Certificate (DSOC)” for their internal drone security programs. The training program is COVID19-friendly, delivered fully online with access to our knowledge-base of over 300 relevant reference materials.

Head on over to find out more about our solution (https://dronesec.com/) or training offerings (https://training.dronesec.com/).

About Airwards

Airwards is the first awards platform of its kind to identify, recognise and champion groundbreaking, impactful and positive drone use cases globally.

Head on over to find more about them at https://airwards.awardstage.com/

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