DroneSec partners with Credly to deliver digital credentials

Mike Monnik
DroneSec partners with Credly to deliver digital credentials

DroneSec have provided drone security training to students in some of the world's largest organisations including Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte, and Booz Allen Hamilton. As part of our ongoing mission to provide evidence-based proof of learning outcomes, we are now excited to announce that we have integrated Credly's "youracclaim" digital credentials technology into our learning platform.

What does this mean? Students graduating (or graduated!) from our training course and completing all requirements will get a digitally verified badge for their Drone Security Operations Certificate (DSOC). It's as easy as accepting the badge and then sharing to your social networks! The whole process is free to earning students and the badges will never expire.

This is important, especially in a COVID19 world, where resume's, offices and workplaces are digital. Students want to demonstrate that they can work within drone security operations without requiring a paper trail. For more information on the Digital Badge process and how it works with our courses, check out the details here: https://training.dronesec.com/p/badges

You can view our profile on YourAcclaim and see the badge itself here: https://www.youracclaim.com/organizations/dronesec/badges

Who are Credly?
Credly collaborates with top global training providers, credential issuers, associations and academic institutions that are similarly focused on the power of verified skills and achievements. Credly’s Acclaim platform transforms knowledge, skills and achievements into digital credentials that empower individuals to connect with learning and career opportunities.

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