DroneSec welcomes Dr. Ryan Wallace as Advisory Board member

DroneSec welcomes Dr. Ryan Wallace as Advisory Board member

Today we welcome Ryan Wallace, Ed.D. to the DroneSec advisory board! On a weekly basis, we come across past students and colleagues with admiration for Ryan.

Dr. Ryan Wallace is an Associate Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He holds an Ed.D. in Applied Education Studies (Aviation option), a M.S. in Aviation, and a B.S. in Aeronautics. His research focuses on UAS safety, security, human factors, and public policy. He has facilitated professional training seminars for multiple federal agencies in the areas of UAS safety, operations, and counter-UAS topics.

He further serves on the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team (UAST). Dr. Wallace collaborated in the creation of the UAS Pilot’s Code, a compendium of procedures and best practices to improve UAS operational safety. An Air Force veteran, he was a rated Air Battle Manager on the E-3 AWACS, where he accumulated more than 1,500 flight hours.

We’re excited to have Ryan on board. His deep data-driven and analytical skills will provide a terrific amount of experience and wisdom to the team.

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