DroneSec welcomes Lukasz Gogolkiewicz as Advisory Board member

DroneSec welcomes Lukasz Gogolkiewicz as Advisory Board member

Excited to welcome Lukasz Gogolkiewicz to the DroneSec advisory board! He has supported our mission, vision and growth far before this official recognition and role.

Lukasz is a highly proficient security professional, previously responsible for the technical direction and leadership for one of the worlds largest technical security consultancies. Now, he heads up Corporate Security at SEEK. In this role he is responsible for ensuring the protection of sensitive information across a multitude of business systems, corporate systems and IT infrastructure.

He has worked with some of the world largest banks and financial organisations, has worked with federal, state and local governments, presented at and organised a number security conferences, and helps mentor the next generation of security professionals.

Ask anyone in the InfoSec community about Lukasz and they'll say the same thing - honest, humble, supportive and charitable with highly technical skills to boot. These are traits we look to infuse into DroneSec, learning from Lukasz.

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