Global Drone Security Network #3

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Global Drone Security Network #3


The Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) is the only event of its kind focusing on Cyber-UAV security, Drone Threat Intelligence, Counter-UAS, and UTM security.

Speakers have worked within drone bug bounty programs, counter-uas operations, threat intelligence, first responders, physical security guards, laws and regulations and more.

The Event

For GDSN #3, we have decided to focus on global security for UAS, UTM and counter UAS doctrine and tradecraft.

We have expanded our reach internationally and engaged industry experts and leaders to bring you their experience in the realm of drone security. Speakers will be covering topics on drone threat, drone vulnerabilities security and the future evolution of drones.


This free event is 100% virtual and will be streamed live via YouTube on April 27th and April 28th 2021.

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Speaker slides and resources: Will be shared once the webinar has ended.

Speakers and Talks

Event Date and Time:

27 April 2021: 6 pm to 10 pm (UTC+10) Track your local time here

28 April 2021: 9 pm to 1 am (+1) (UTC+10) Track your local time here

Current confirmed speakers and topics (we will be updating this page as speakers confirm their timeslot with us):

27th April 2021

--------------------------- 6:00 PM ---------------------------

Speaker: Ong Jiin Joo (Co-Founder and CTO @ Garuda Robotics)


Topic: Cyber Security for Internet Connected Drones

With more drones operating in low altitude airspace especially around cities where the commercial value for drone inspections and delivery is higher, many drone manufacturers are now promoting cellular network (4G LTE, 5G) connected UAVs that are ready for BVLOS operations. At the same time, regulators around the world are racing to implement some form of identification technologies, where standards such as ASTM F3411 would allow both broadcasting in Bluetooth or WiFi, as well as utilising the cellular network to transmit its location. In this talk we will explore the risk of using cellular networks for drone communications, explore the typical attack surfaces and defence mechanisms required for such Internet connected drones, and the impact a well thought out cyber security strategy for drones could have in enabling BVLOS operations in cities like Singapore.

--------------------------- 7:00 PM ---------------------------

Speaker: Antoine Menini (CTO @ CerbAir)


Topic: UAV Miniaturization and Countering Drones

A journey into the miniaturization process and its collateral impacts. Like any modern artefacts (mobile phones, computer, camera, etc), miniaturization of drones is guided by price, ease of processing, tech innovation, resources availability, R&D budgets among many other factors. Antoine Menini, CTO of CERBAIR, graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the University of California, Berkeley, will draw an overview of this trend and highlight option(s) to counter smallest UAVs while used in a malevolent way.

--------------------------- 8:00 PM ---------------------------

Speaker: Victor Vuillard (Chief Security Officer @ Parrot)


Topic: Parrot, from Cybersecurity by Design to Bug Bounty

Since a few years now, Parrot builds cybersecurity and privacy by design into its drones. It’s not just an add-on or additional feature, cybersecurity and privacy are integrated from the beginning so that users keep control over their data and make sure data is protected. During this presentation, we’ll describe Parrot drones cybersecurity and privacy, how it was assessed internally and by our clients, and the new benefits of the recently announced bug bounty.

--------------------------- 9:00 PM ---------------------------

Speaker: Kim James (Director @ Drone Guards & UAV Aerial Works)


Topic: Integrating UAV Technology into Security Elements to Fight Crime

Crime in South Africa is an ongoing concern and aerial security surveillance is playing a significant part to counter that. The country currently takes up four spots in the world’s top 10 most dangerous cities. With the unemployment rate teetering just below 30% and the socio-economic pressures the country faces, high value assets continue to be targeted by crime syndicates and opportunistic criminals alike.

Despite conventional security methods improving over time, they continue to be foiled by criminals. But creating an air force for ground security operations is the most efficient and effective way to get eyes in the sky to monitor, detect and pursue criminal activity, adding a layer of defence with the aerial drone.

Alone-standing security elements will most likely continue to be foiled by incessant criminal activity. Combining community resources, continuously adding layers of defence beyond the perimeter of what is being protected, and embracing technology, is key. Additionally, whilst South Africa’s law enforcement agencies continue to be under extreme resource pressures, private security operations partnering with these agencies seems to be the solution.

--------------------------- 10:00 PM --------------------------

End of Day 1


28th April 2021

--------------------------- 9:00 PM ---------------------------

Speaker: Gabriel Bendheim (Counter-Drone Solution Engineer @ D-Fend Solutions)


Topic: Cyber Counter-Drone Concepts for Control & Continuity in Challenging Environments

This session will focus on four core concepts for success in contending with the emerging threat of rogue drones in challenging environments: control, safety, focus and future-readiness. By closely adhering to these concepts, an overarching value arises that benefits counter-drone operators and their organizations: continuity.

Traditional C-sUAS technologies – based on radar, jamming and/or kinetic mitigation – possess limitations in sensitive environments, because of the high risks of collateral damage, and interference with communications, commerce, transportation and everyday continuity.

Emerging drone challenges require a new approach. This session will highlight how innovative counter-drone technology, based on the four core concepts, will enable security teams to contend with the threat today, while preparing for tomorrow.

--------------------------- 10:00 PM -------------------------

Speaker: Ilker Aktaşoğlu (Defence Insight Manager @ Shephard Media)


Topic: Use of COTS Drones by Insurgents, and How This Can be Countered

In the last few years, the variety of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) drones has increased along with capabilities, while prices have fallen to very reasonable levels, creating a new opportunity for non-state actors (NSA) to exploit the technological possibilities of these platforms.

In this talk, we will look at how NSAs have shifted the balance of power against states using COTS drones in conflicts and how this can be countered.

--------------------------- 11:00 PM -------------------------

Speaker: Garik Markarian (CEO and Founder @ Rinicom)


Topic: DroneWISE: a Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy for First Responders

In this talk, we describe project DroneWise, funded by the European Union and which presents European perspective on how law enforcement agencies should deal with UAV threats and how technology can be legally used to counter these threats.

--------------------------- 12:00 AM -------------------------

Keynote Speaker: David Kovar (Founder & CEO @ URSA Inc)


Keynote Topic: Understanding CUAS - CUAS Test & Evaluation and CUAS Forensics

Does the counter UAS system you bought work? Does it actually solve your problem? If a CUAS shoots down a criminal’s drone, do you know how to collect and analyze evidence from it? Understanding how CUAS systems do, and do not work is critical for anyone seeking to validate their behavior - for test & evaluation or for forensics. We will cover data sources, data generation and collection, and analysis in this presentation.

--------------------------- 1:00 AM (+1) --------------------

Event Conclusion


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