Global Drone Security Network Event #2

Mike Monnik
Global Drone Security Network Event #2

It's here! The Global Drone Security Network virtual event has just been announced!

This event features speakers from around the world, bringing together industry experts and leaders covering topics on drone threats, drone vulnerabilities, security, regulations, the future evolution of drones and CUAS, and more.

Tickets are free, and they are available here:

Confirmed speakers at this time include:

Speaker & Host: Mike Monnik (Founder & CTO @ DroneSec)

Keynote Speaker: David Kovar (Founder & CEO @ URSA Inc)

Speaker: Christopher Church (Snr Forensic Specialist @ INTERPOL)

Speaker: Victor Vuillard (Chief Security Officer @ Parrot)

Speaker: Kim James (Director @ DroneGuards)

Speaker: Dr. Martti Lehto (Prof. of Practice @ University of Jyväskylä)

Speaker: Evangelos Mantas (UAV Security Researcher @ Infili Information Intelligence)

Speaker: Lucas Le Bell (Co-Founder & CEO @ CERBAIR)

Speaker: Jacob Tewes (Attorney @ Kutak Rock)

Speaker: Ulf Barth


We are accepting backup talk submissions. If you would like to apply, please send a topic title, description and bio to

The Event

This time on GDSN #2/20, we have decided to focus on the untapped stories, use cases, incidents and research in the area of unmanned security.

We have expanded our reach internationally and engaged industry experts and leaders to bring you their experience in the realm of drone security. Speakers will be covering topics on drone threat, drone vulnerabilities security and the future evolution of drones.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Aviation Authorities
  • Government Agencies
  • Counter-Terrorism and Security
  • Cyber, Red Team and Information Security
  • Threat Intelligence and Blue Teams
  • Enterprise Drone Programs
  • Drone Manufacturers
  • Hobbyists and Students


The Global Drone Security Network is a community event from DroneSec that focuses on the cutting-edge study, research and work in the drone, counter-drone and UTM security space.

The inaugural event was held in Singapore with talks from INTERPOL and DroneSec. The mission of the event is to bring awareness to the security aspects of unmanned systems and the potential solutions that will and should be available in the coming years.


This event will be live-streamed. Recordings may become available (on a per speaker basis) and released to registered attendees afterwards, subject to change.


This free event is 100% virtual and will be streamed live via YouTube over 8 hours on September 18th - starting at 7pm Melbourne time (AEST). You can track what time it starts for you locally here:

Also, do join our global meetup page at

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