DroneSec Glossary

DroneSec Glossary

This guide covers the basic principals of drones, counter-drones and UTM, with cybersecurity and threat intelligence contextualisation. The glossary uses standard language but can in some cases be more inclusive, by replacing 'unmanned' with 'uncrewed' where possible.


COTS = Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (can be bought from a store)

DIY = Do-It-Yourself (Home made)

FPV = First Person View

RPAS = Remotely Piloted System

sUAS = Small Unmanned Aerial System (<25kg)

UAS = Unmanned Aerial System

UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

VTOL = Vertical Take-off and Landing

Fleet Management

UAM = Unmanned Aerial Mobility

UTM = UAS Traffic Management System


Anti-Drone = CUAS/CUAV

CUAS = Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS)

CUAV = Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV)

Interdict = Manipulate or interfere with the drone's flight path or operation


ISM = Industrial, Scientific and Medical (radio spectrum bands)

RF = Radio Frequency

SDR =Software Defined Radio

GPS = Global Positioning Software (USA based)

GLONASS = Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian based)


CONOPS = Concept of Operations

ES = Emergency Services

LE = Law Enforcement

MIL = Military

SAR = Search and Rescue

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

TTP = Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Cyber Security

APT = Advanced Persistent Threat

DDoS\DoS = Distributed\Denial of Service

Deauth = Deauthenticate

PoC = Proof of Concept

Privesc =Privilege Escalation (within a digital system)


CBRN = Chemical, Biological,Radioactive, Nuclear

GEOINT = Geo-spatial Intelligence

IED = Improvised Explosive Device

ISR = Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

OSINT = Open Source Intelligence

SIGINT= Signals Intelligence

SECOPS = Security Operations

OPSEC = Operational Security

TI = Threat Intelligence

TOR = The Onion Routing (Dark Web)


ATC = Air Traffic Control tower

BVLOS = Beyond Visual Line of Sight

GUTMA = Global UTM Association

JARUS SORA = Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Systems Specific Operations Risk Assessment

LAANC = Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability

NFZ = No-Fly-Zone

NOTAM = Notice To Airmen


ACMA = Australian Communication and Media Authority

CAA = Civil Aviation Authority (UK)

CAAS = Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

CASA = Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia)

FAA = Federal Aviation Administration (United States)

FCC = Federal Communications Commission (United States)

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