Introducing multi-domain drone incident tracking

Mike Monnik
Introducing multi-domain drone incident tracking

As drone capabilities grow, so do the threats against them. Adversaries are targeting friendly Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) and using them for malicious purposes. As we innovate and dream with land and water-based drones,so do they - even at the final frontier of space. We must track emerging tactics, techniques and procedures, and be aware of the counter-measures that exist for new technologies.

Introducing Land, Sea and Space incident tracking and threat intelligence, in addition to our current offering of aerial-based drones.

SEA - Underwater and surface (ROUV, UUV, USV) drone technology has seen significant leaps in the last few years, and has been used for:

-      Port/Harbor Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

-      Smuggling contraband and narcotics through rivers, oceans and around borders

-      Clearing under-sea munitions and tracking naval vessel movements

SPACE - The commercialisation of space has shifted from a domain once governed by the Air Force to Space Forces, with an attack surface that has consequences on assets within multiple atmospheres:

-      Reliance on and disruption to GPS and telecommunication technologies

-      Soft and hard-kill counter-measures whilst considering space debris

LAND - The evolution and interconnection of land (ROV, UV, UGV) technologies and reliance on their sensors and protocols:

-      Threat actors sharing doctrine on how to physically and digitally disable these systems

-      Autonomous systems for physical asset protection and hostile vehicle mitigation

-      Utilising UGV's for malicious purposes whilst reducing attribution and identification of operators

Customers can use this information to prepare for a variety of threats, baseline the risk landscape, protect assets in specific regions of danger, or identify new threat actor capabilities. This enables the innovation of technology whilst reducing the risk.

Notify is a common operating picture of multi-domain drone incidents, potential threats and geo-locational risks. Customers will soon be able to filter by domain to discover specific threat information for their interests, as they would using the platform's filters (available on the incident map, intel briefs, quick intel and search).

To set up a demo or learn more about the DroneSec Notify system, contact us at:

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