Association of Aerospace Industries Singapore welcomes DroneSec as newest UAS Community member

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DroneSec is proud to enter the membership of AAI Singapore Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Community. This membership will allow greater interaction with the aerospace and unmanned industry including outreach possibilities with various working groups.

AAIS is well known to address issues, develop strategies and engage government agencies within the aviation ecosystem. The AAIS community includes a variety of aerospace companies, institutions, suppliers, service providers and external departments.

Operating in Singapore from October 2019, DroneSec has contributed to both community and industry events such as the inaugural ICE71, Global Drone Security Network, Div0 Drone Security Quarters, InfoSec in the City and the Singapore Air Show.

A country with home grown counter-drone systems, bleeding edge drone incident response research (within INTERPOL) and a growing commitment to safeguarding against drone risks, Singapore is one of the world's most innovative leaders in drone security. As part of that journey, DroneSec continues to nurture drone security capability and know-how within Singapore.

DroneSec Threat Intelligence lead, Arison Neo, had this to say about joining the ranks of AAIS UAS Community: "DroneSec has always stressed on the importance of drone security as part of strengthening cyber security in Singapore. Being a member of the AAIS Singapore Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Community will allow us to share our research, experience and developments on secured and safe unmanned systems. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to forging new breakthroughs in the industry."

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