Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #1

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See how the DroneSec Notify Threat Intelligence Platform can benefit your organisation.

In this first public edition of DroneSec Notify, you may be thinking “how does this apply to me?” We’ve been dedicated to bringing drone security news and events to the public since 2016 via Over the past few years, we focused on tailored intelligence that followed a simple principle – important and actionable. So far, this intelligence was provided only to select organisations and partners.

Recently, we’ve been refining our methodology, expanding our sources and improving the time we get intelligence notifications out to those who need it most. Our position of being deeply embedded in the Information Security community, utilising the resources available to us through Privasec and having over 100 years combined experience in the Threat Intelligence and Incident Response industry is a testament to our ability to provide important, actionable intelligence to vendors, governments and organisations around the globe.

We’ve been growing, and with it have acquired talented staff with experience of working in a variety of environments including the Department of Defence, Air Force, BAE Systems, DXC, Sense of Security and many more. Our staff have co-authored documents published by the Australian Government on security hygiene, used drones in Red Team and Aerial Threat Simulations against national Critical Infrastructure (SCADA/ICS) and tracked down malicious actors causing disruption to government departments. In short – we’re serious about security and are here for you.

We have clients in different stages of their journey into drone security. Some are considering technologies to protect their environments, others building software to support drones and yet others using COTS drones to improve efficiency in their individual sectors. No matter the stage, our intelligence aims to uplift the security posture of their drone programs. We’ve experienced the highs and lows – intelligence too late, but other times information that has enabled businesses to make key decisions pre-emptively; earning the trust of their stakeholders and technical teams.

We’re now at a stage in our own journey where we’re able to support the specific needs of more organisations. As a result, we’re extending our intelligence reports to a select pool of subscribers where they can get a taste of what we provide to our priority, paid partners in the Notify platform. I hope the reports continue to provide strategic information to your drone program and we look forward to sharing more developments with you in the future.

The weekly free releases of DroneSec Notify covers the playbook and methodology for Drone, Counter-Drone and UTM Security and Threat Intelligence reports. We use a variety of sources to aggregate, assess and analyse relevant information that can be used to fine-tune counter-drone measures, provide concrete evidence towards drone security business cases and uplift our own consultants’ skills and abilities.

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