Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #10

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In Singapore, we had the opportunity to pitch DroneSec to a number of director heads at the Air Show. Within the pitch, I used coronavirus as an example and the extreme detail at which Singapore have used the method of ‘contact tracing’ to try and figure out where the person had been, who they had met, and what they had touched in an effort to locate potential infectious areas. This is a form of threat intelligence and focuses on digging into historical information to make informed guesses and assumptions about where threats might take place next time – a focus on prevention rather than simply response.

It's similar in a sense as to what we do at DroneSec. If we collect enough data, analyse the information and capture all the data points (location, model type, operator, time, pattern) we can start to look into the future and identify the possible threats that might take place, how they might look and how to best defeat them. This doesn’t just serve customers without counter-drone controls but help refine those who do and continually compare and evaluate their process. Threat Intelligence is not optional when it comes to the security industry; this is as true for physical, cyber and warfare as it is for drones.

It was great being in Singapore and we had the opportunity to catch up with the likes of Oleg from DroneShield and Clay from Invisible Interdiction. The Counter-Drone industry is full of incredible experiences, personalities and technical minds and we were luckily enough to speak to students and hobbyists with simply a passion and interest in the area as well.

The Counter-Drone artefacts this week were mostly happening on the ground at the Singapore Air Show, and a few Q&A style interviews provide interesting reads and insights into some of the industry leader’s current situations and roadmaps. We run our next 3-day DroneSec training course next month in March and we look forward to releasing a special Notify release for customers during that time.

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