Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #11

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This week we cover a drone ‘light show’ affected by suspicious interference with resulting damage and questions surrounding the future of public safety. A bit of a watershed moment for the innovation and seemingly positive-guided news across drone light shows (or drone fireworks) in recent times.

A major development as DHS selects DFW Airport in the USA as a counter-drone test field site, a nod to their ear-to-the-ground history within the UAS and UTM space. On the same token, Norway selects eighteen national airports for integration of their UTM system; this will of course see major security operations taking place within the environments to assess the safety and assurance of both drone and plane systems in airspace.

A number of Singaporeans in trouble for this week, with a number of fines given out by CAAS for flying in prohibited areas and drone-borne collisions. Within this topic, the DroneSec team went through the innovations, bad operations and counter-drone techniques with a bunch of school kids (ages 6-16 years old) as a workshop for Kids SecuriDay. A great day with over 60+ submissions of what children think the perfect Counter-UAS system might look like for a zoo owner trying to protect his animals and visitors; an amazing collection which we’ll hopefully release in some form in the near future. To top it all off, they got to use fans, nets, balls and nerf guns to take down hovering rogue drones and compare the positives/negatives of different take-down methods. Starting them young!

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