Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #12

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I’m pleased to release our second monthly roll-up of the year 2020. This is the report we analyse, categorise and compare the items with more of an in-depth look. So far, from the analytics, we’ve maintained a pretty stable release of intelligence artefacts with only a slight increase from January. This is good news, but also potentially in limbo as the industry awaits the outcome of the FAA Remote ID ruling. This is also the first time we’ve witnessed physical protests related to hobbyist and commercial drone groups taking place within a legislative context.

To all of our new subscribers, and new Premium members, we welcome you on board and hope your organisations is able to make better decisions based off real events, technical insights and regulatory landmarks we cover week-on-week. As we continue to record and analyse drone security data, predictions and prevention methods become more attainable when integrating this information with Counter-Drone and UTM systems around the globe.

Last week we saw potential electromagnetic interference take place at a drone light show – this week, we cover the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show which seemed to suffer from similar interruptions, but without further incident. A personal interest to me was the use of drones in South Africa with facial detection capabilities to deter and apprehend the act of stealing overhead wires from passenger and freight train lines. An incredible act of desperation by the poor which results in a whopping 350 kilometres of cable stolen in just under nine months; we’ll be watching the results closely to see if the utilisation of drones in this security context proves any advantages.

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