Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #13

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The COVID-19 situation has brought many events, conferences and vacations to a stand-still. The team here at DroneSec hope you are all keeping well and taking the necessary (sometimes abundance of caution) preventions to ensure the health and safety of everyone. In other news, we welcome onboard our new intern Max Leijtens who is focusing on Threat Intelligence and Security Automation within drones – he’ll be supporting some of the backend work for Notify in our commercial space.

This week, we have a number of important artefacts. We congratulate Lea Vesic in Australia for accepting the position of Aviation Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Michael McCormack – a pivotal role that will play out in great importance this side of the pond. We’ll be watching developments here quickly to determine the effect on the unmanned systems area.

Global requirements for drones, counter-drone and UTM systems are growing by the day – the UK Department of Transport has released a position for “Head of Drone and Counter-Drone Science and Technology” in an exciting new era of job openings and much needed skills. DroneSec made a “Drone Security Consultant” hire last year and are always on the lookout for a hybrid of intelligence, cyber security, unmanned systems and electronic engineer backgrounds; quite a mix! A big nod to STEM careers though, and the future possibility of dedicated drone security courses within Universities and learning centres.

A new ISO (21895:2020) has been released for the “Categorization and classification of civil unmanned aircraft systems” and NASA released the latest UTM document courtesy of the FAA. Furthermore, some exciting output from Bard College (Center for Study of the Drone) but upsetting news that their weekly roundup is discontinuing – please take the time to complete the survey on their website if you felt supported by their work in the past. We have extraordinary respect for their effort and dedication to the area and would like to thank them (and encourage) with their new direction forward.

Finally, the big ticket items on my list this week are the re-occurrence of (indirect or direct) malicious groups or individuals involved in Aviation Authority incidents across the globe; both in Australia and Singapore, we find media-worthy offences are often committed by the same group. This is all part of our pattern recognition in this area to track where a group may have been involved and potentially predict where they may be planning to offend next.

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