Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #14

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As COVID-19 extends to other countries around the world, we are seeing the initial innovation in drones as a response solution in China now occurring in Western countries. Some hiccups with regulatory issues restricting some of these initiatives are still happening, but progress nevertheless (and a motivational jab to UTM/UAM efforts). The team here at DroneSec is hoping you are all safe and well – we’re working remotely at the moment and are prioritising outback drone flights away far from the city stockpiling.

This week there is a fair bit of informational material that might not fit immediately into a ‘security’ agenda for drones. We’ve had multiple requests for this information to be included as it provides key information to security outfits in preparing for or responding to an incident. Given incidents are based on a specific drone type, it helps to prepare by knowing how many and for what use they are being used in the industry. For this reason, catering to a myriad of different drone types is an important metric and one we hope to provide a birds-eye view on.

This week the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has placed a call for commercial solutions to help the United States Department of Defense improve small drones by using better flight controllers, sensors and datalinks. Submissions should include what drones their solution has been installed on. Successful prototypes will demonstrate interoperability, be able to integrate into DoD small unmanned systems and comply with Section 848 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020. It’s been interesting seeing the commentary around this - especially where some DoD personnel have grown up accustomed to XBOX gaming controllers and the like; making current drone control systems in a similar manner may speed up operator onboarding and provide a familiar sense of control.

I’ll be sending out a personal letter to some of our subscribers this week to inform them of our upcoming BETA test for the DroneSec Notify Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). We are around the corner from launch and have a limited number of opportunities available for discounted subscriptions before the full pricing suite comes into effect late April. All things considering, we’re looking for firms willing to help provide feedback with novel and unique environments that will aid in our testing process. You can get in touch with me personally to discuss this opportunity.

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