Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #15

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Lots of COVID-19 related content this week, specifically regarding the innovative use of drones with disinfectant. A good use case for our filters for sure, trying to gauge how much of this information is meaningful (e.g. the many makes and models used by law enforcement agencies) vs the fact that we’ve probably seen all these reports a hundred times over by now!

Obviously however, it’s great to see thermal, voice and vision drones getting so much use by Emergency Services during the pandemic and we’re sure many more use cases will emerge. The team enjoyed sharing some light-hearted videos of various drone uses not seen before, such as dropping car keys, delivering flowers and walking dogs via drone; obviously whilst shaking heads at the legality of it all!

Things are heating up on the Indo-Pakistani border, with almost daily events of small, rogue COTS drones being spotted or apprehended smuggling weapons and contraband. The Indian military have been looking into Counter-UAS systems for some time yet are struggling to capture a perimeter environment as long and wide as that being monitored against threats to Punjab.

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