Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #16

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Another month means we undertake a roll-up and analysis of the month gone by. One of the key insights we’ve been able to observe is that there has been an uptick in offenders being apprehended by authorities compared to the months (and years) prior. In March, we covered fugitives being caught within prison and railyard environments; often selecting the same launch spot resulting in their capture.

A great resource the team observed this week was a thorough database of “drone lawsuits and litigations” – an exceptional archive with added statistics captured towards the end. A useful resource and I’m sure the quote “The DJI Phantom is starting to be like (as common as) the AK-47 of the drone world” Isn’t just one shared by the author.

A key topic of discussion this week was the final issue of the Center for Study of the Drone’s Weekly Roundup – an incredible effort by the team at Bard College that have documented, investigated and analysed all things drone and drone security for an incredible eight years. The Center has teased the possibility of a continuation of sorts, so we’ll all be paying close attention. With their final release was an update to the Drone Databook – tracking developments in global military drone proliferation; this is included in our publications section.

This week we have had the opportunity to include an intelligence artefact submitted by one of our Notify customers. To that source we thank you for your submission and remind subscribers of the various benefits that come with sharing intelligence with the DroneSec Notify community. Stay safe in these uncertain times and join in the discussion in our slack channel.

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