Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #17

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It's webinar week this week at DroneSec HQ with a live presentation for Sphere Drones aimed at drone organisations (recording located here) and a more technical-based presentation aimed at security participants of the upcoming virtual conference ComfyConAU on Friday 7:30 pm AEST. It’s a great time to focus our efforts online when the team was initially meant to be stretched between Norway, Cambodia, and Singapore for working groups, conferences, and talks this month.

COVID-19 news and chatter continue to dominate the headlines, but some key frameworks and whitepapers released this week show the significant energy investment in managed drone programs worldwide. Furthermore, Christopher Church has announced the next INTERPOL Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident will be released in the coming weeks – the updated version will be available here on Notify.

Today we take a closer look at what might be the first of its kind – usually, drone incidents involve airports or correctional facilities; in this issue, we explore what it means for medical services when their industry is disrupted (and with it, their patients). Investigations continue with this one as police still unable to locate the suspect.

We want to again thank one of our contributors for providing an update to the IDF drone downing incident, providing a photograph to zone in on the perceived make and model. These are important aspects of artefacts which allow us to continually track and catalogue the types of drone Counter-Drone and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) can expect to respond to. Another update sits within a story we reported in December; rival gangs used drones to drop swine-flu infected meat into pig pens, infecting the hogs. As an update, it was revealed one of those hog farms installed Counter-Drone technology, disrupted GPS/GLONASS signals, and got a visit from their communications authority – a bit of a twist!

Finally, we look at the incredible effort by the UK RAF and MoD in putting together a swarming drones squadron aimed at “network-enabled drones capable of confusing and overcoming enemy air-defence systems” – however, much of the information points to the utilisation of existing technologies rather than a bespoke platform.

For our non-customer subscribers, we’re closing off BETA applications to the Notify platform on April 24th. This will be a discounted opportunity to use the platform as ‘early access’ where we are looking for partner organisations to test, feedback and report their use for general improvements. For example, one reoccurring suggestion was the implementation of a “dark mode” (as above).

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