Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #18

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Another interesting week with drone incidents around Correctional Facilities that are resulting in more arrests; previously, many operators were managing to get away with simple contraband delivery. The problem is still mostly understated however, with many prisons not realising the impact they may have had.

This week the office of the Attorney General of USA released their guidance on protecting facilities and assets from drones, which has sparked a large amount of healthy debate – a few key questions have arisen too, such as the influx of Police Departments utilising drones for surveillance operations and the legalities around it. In a similar context, ACLU has sued the Baltimore Police Department over their surveillance program and Idaho has passed laws removing the need for LE and Emergency services requiring a warrant when executing drone operations in critical events.

We’ve included a DIY-style reverse engineering post of the Potensic d85 drone’s wireless protocol and the DJI RM500. The Australian Army has set up “RICO” – a specialist department focusing on unmanned systems and the opportunities they provide.

On a personal note, we’re now entering our sixth week here in lockdown. It is a tough time for all and we’re conscious of the mental strain it can take on both business owners and employees. If you’d like to chat, discuss anything drone security or just say hello, feel free to join our slack channel.

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