Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #22

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A promising few weeks of flattening the COVID-19 curve here at DroneSec HQ in Melbourne – our hope is that it will be the same for our readers in over a hundred different countries throughout the world.

Multiple drug-deliveries via drone make the headlines this week, with many likely kept private for various reasons. A few featured articles this week as we continue to have requests for more information regarding specific events. We see some military drones downed in ‘technical and mechanical failures’ coming out of the socials.

An interest to me this week was the UK governments DASA programme on finding and neutralising small UAS threats. Their document is well laid out and has a very informative plan. Specifically, the “What we want” and “What we do not want” clear-cut requirements; this has shown through Bug Bounty programmes to be quite successful in clarifying the immediate while removing signal noise.

Lastly – a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of speaking on a drone security webinar where we asked the audience some poll questions. There was roughly 80 - 100 attendees so the data is thankfully quite comprehensive.

Now – after our Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) launch in Singapore in February, we are putting together the program for our next virtual event. We’re combining law enforcement, UTM/UAM, Counter-UAS, Drone Security/Forensics and more; if you’d like to apply to speak or participate (virtually), please get in touch with us at [email protected] Hope to see/hear some of you on there.

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