Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #28

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A warm welcome to our current and new subscribers. It’s been an incredibly busy but eye-opening week as we launched the DroneSec Notify Platform and started several discussions, demos and working projects off the back of it. Thank you to all of our paid customers for your patience as the team gets you through the onboarding process. We continue on-track to July 2nd 2020 where we open up part of the platform to free tier registration and users. Until then, the team is busy at work making it all happen – feel free to check out some of the help documentation in the meantime.

The team also celebrated the completion of our DroneSec intern’s journey this week – Max Leijtens joined us from Radboud University in the Netherlands just before COVID19 hit; in fact, he was quarantined when he landed. Pushing on through, Max completed 3-months of Research and Development with us, publishing his “MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Unmanned Systems”. The framework will build upon the attack chain vectors that affect individual, swarm and UTM-connected drones in a hyper-connected IoT environment. Additionally, it will uplift our own defensive security capabilities and expand on potential attack vectors for our Red Team operations. We wish Max all the best as he returns to the Netherlands and wherever his future might guide him in the world of Cyber Security and Unmanned Systems! (Customers can locate this document within the portal this week.)

To the report - almost consistent week-on-week drone incidents across the India-Pakistan border, five individuals charged with narcodrone usage between Malaysia and Singapore, and claims around a Russian Counter-UAS system that can detect ‘silent-mode’ flight or ‘disguised-signals’. Otherwise, a couple of interesting white/research papers the team were studying this week have been added.

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