Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #29

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This week we see the launch of the Parrot ANAFI USA drone, really pushing a number of security-centric features such as on-board encryption, anti-theft and data transmission security features. Fundamentally, it features a ‘made in USA’ heritage and was initially built for DoD / Law Enforcement. The next six months will be a critical time period for the DJI x Parrot tussle, as we see many DJI Matrice 300 contracts being fulfilled across the country but with the obvious data security and privacy conversation ongoing. We will be keeping a lookout for technical security analysis of the system and will undertake our own as soon as they are made available.

In other news this week, the US Army has announced the Counter-Drone systems that have met its selection criteria, producing a number of well-known and also not-so-well known contenders. Meanwhile, the US National Transportation Safety Board has produced a very detailed report on an aviation incident covering a drone collision with a helicopter. Great read, thought-out methodology and is peppered with quality images and visual guides – a must read for anyone who might have a similar role to play elsewhere in the world.

DJI launch a drone rescue map to visualise drone intervention within rescue operations (many of these can be found in our database) and are part of our recording of ‘law enforcement use of drones’. It is a great looking, interesting dynamic and consistent with their shift to supporting and highlighting the use of UAS within first responder use.

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