Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #32

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We are excited to announce that our Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) online event will now take place over a full day. We have various speakers from the CUAS, Law Enforcement, Security Surveillance, and Threat Intelligence sectors providing insights into unmanned security-specific topics. We will also be opening up our Call-For-Talk submissions this week for 20-minute and 40-minute talk slots for the few that are left. If you would like to participate in speaking, please send your talk Topic, Description, and Bio to [email protected] before the public registration opens up.  The event will be free and following its inaugural event in Singapore, is the only of its kind focusing specifically on drone security, counter-drone, and cyber-UAV topics.

This week we see a report from the Israel-Lebanon border focusing on a successful hijack and safe-landing of a drone by IDF forces – albeit a drone being flown for hobbyist/commercial purposes. The exact Counter-UAS system is not stated but suggested as being in use. Israel has a number of boutique CUAS vendors, including NSO Group’s Convexum and D-Fend Solutions, and large military primes with more of a focus on wartime/battlefield CUAS technologies.

Azerbaijan is regularly increasing in reports of shot-down and jammed UAV’s, as are the SMM reports from Ukraine where a number of mini-UAV and long-range UAV’s record various levels of GPS jamming and signal interference. Parrot digs its heels into cyber-security with a WISEKEY partnership, with chatter surrounding the potential of a Bug Bounty security program to mirror that of manufacturing rival DJI.

In the UK a report reviews the progress of the 2020 police mobile counter-drone unit, and on the other side of the pond, the US Armed Services Committee assess whether a “Counter Drone Center of Excellence” would provide greater oversight and support for a skilled workforce entering the CUAS industry. A newly released paper Review of Counter-UAV Solutions Based on the Detection of Remote-Control Communication has been released, added to this report, and the platform for Notify customers.

Whilst our Singapore office is back open for business, Melbourne is still in Level-3 lockdown with new mandatory mask laws and restrictions on travel. We hope everyone is well and staying safe during this period.

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