Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #37

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A whirlwind week here in Australia as we have RFI’s released for both our Air Traffic Management systems by Airservices and mandatory drone registration changes by CASA. Off the back of the Flight Information Management System (FIMS) and the article on ATM Cybersecurity Challenges, we continue to search for effective frameworks for transitioning security learnings from both the cyber-security and aviation industry into UAM that includes drone systems.

In the middle east, Turkish drones continue to dominate the conversation, although an IDF-controlled DJI Mavic 2 was downed and recovered by Hezbollah. The IDF have confirmed the incident and suggested that data leakage is not a concern – this is an interesting take on the situation, and we will be listening for any chatter to suggest otherwise.

UAV Threat Intelligence continues to play a role in the India-Pakistan border wars, with India’s intelligence wing confirming intel has pointed to incoming threat actors and nefarious use of equipment in the coming weeks. A common discussion point a few years ago was an article called “Who’s selling drones to terrorist groups?” for which the team often surmised if purchase details by military and non-state actors could feed into threat intelligence about future adversarial use of UAS.

It’s become something of a regularity to observe UAS incidents around prisons in Canada. Unlike most national trials where drone detection activities take place in airports, Canada is investing a sizeable amount into a drone detection programme for prisons. The data here will be extremely valuable in dissecting the trends and analysis required to question the investment and response required for individual facility needs. All this and more in today’s report.

Depending on time, you may see DroneSec presenting at the IDGA Counter-UAS Summit. Are you attending? If so, we hope to see you there; quite an exciting line-up.

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