Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #40

This summary has been extracted from our weekly public threat intelligence report. For more information on the platform or weekly email PDFs, please visit: dronesec.com/pages/notify or email us at [email protected] or join the slack group at dronesec.slack.com

A small reflection today as our system recorded our 100th report released to the public. Likely not something to be joyful about, but a considerable reflection on the industry in 2020 nevertheless.

Prisons and correctional facilities are currently inundated by drones dropping contraband into the premises. A huge item of interest this week is the USA Department of Justice and Board of Prisons audit-report that focuses on some incidents, recommendations and guidance as to identifying, documenting and preventing future sUAS threats. The report is comprehensive and echoes various Law Enforcement concerns around the globe, that they are in no position to respond to the threat.

Even within Australia, the WA Police have mentioned that not only can they not intercept a sUAS being flown by a nefarious operator, but in some cases the laws prevent them from even tracing the device to a place or the person operating the device. Something we’ve always talked about in this space is the need for industry maturity and matching that of the laws. Audit reports by that of the BOP bring up real issues faced by those across the globe and it can only be hoped it paves the way not just for the USA but elsewhere.

On the cyber-security front, Kittyhawk released a whitepaper for guidance on secure drone programs, underlying infrastructure and control systems. A key note is to have systems undergo a ‘red team’ or penetration test by an independent company to put it through a true-test of what your systems might undergo by less-law-abiding users across the internet. A true testament to the state of drone security, cyber-specific vulnerabilities will continue to be a key focus on the unmanned environment for years to come. All these and more in this week’s report.

The public links to go live for the Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) event this Friday 1900 September 18th will be published shortly so keep an eye on your inbox and social channels. We look forward to you joining us then and thank you to all those that have already taken part.

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