Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #42

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It’s never a good thing to have to round up a month with a hellish week of drone incidents such as this one. In the past week, we have tracked everything from kamikaze drones (used by Azerbaijani forces to target Armenian troops), the use of a COTS quadcopter to drop explosives in a suburban area, to two airport incursions and continued narco-drones within prison airspace.

We also see a rare report out of Myanmar SEAPAC geographical region where troops allegedly used a multirotor drone to drop explosive ordinance on adversary troops. In Sri Lanka, a man was arrested as part of an organised crime group with drones allegedly being used in a number of innovative crimes. In the US, the Major League Baseball (MLB) organisation continues discussions with FBI and DHS as the drone incursions continue to plague various matches – they are likely discovering the intricacies and status quo of counter-drone regulations worldwide.

Closer to home, Airservices Australia have released an exciting research and analysis position within the National Drone Surveillance Program, DroneShield announce a number of positions available and Mirragin submitted an Australian-owned, sovereign capability for the Australian Maritime Drone Ecosystem (SEA129-5 MUAS).

It’s also the end of September, so as we welcome a new month, a monthly look-back takes place. Some interesting figures; a reduction in general drone artefacts, but a 20%+ increase in featured reports. That’s quite a fine-tune of signal to noise ratio, something the team is committed to. For all our new subscribers that joined us from the GDSN, please enjoy this report without redactions (Notify customers receive the full report each week).

For Notify platform customers we’ve added some great research papers available in the Knowledge Base, with the State of Drone Security Report going through its final rounds as we speak.

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