Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #43

This summary has been extracted from our weekly public threat intelligence report. For more information on the platform or weekly email PDFs, please visit: dronesec.com/pages/notify or email us at [email protected] or join the slack group at dronesec.slack.com

We are happy to announce that all Global Drone Security Network videos have now been separated from the live-stream and are available within the DroneSec YouTube channel. You can find and watch them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8rpLmq_8cefcOic7LUFjOg

This week, we continue to see the rapidly changing pace of drone usage; not just as a threat but also for patriotic propaganda and mass-media. Azerbaijan is reported to have been playing footage of its drone strikes on Armenian positions on publicly available billboards in Baku. This is a very interesting tactic and certainly the capability of drone vision capture plays a part in that. However, we also see Armenia leveraging their oppositions footage, by slowing down some videos to point out some targets hit were cardboard-cut-outs, providing some insightful deception techniques to ‘waste’ expensive enemy assets.

The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh continues to wage on, with footage and imagery of mass-modification of old Soviet agricultural planes into unmanned, remotely piloted surveillance drones. At least 50 of the modified aircraft are pictured lining an airstrip within Azerbaijan. Furthermore, reports out of Russia suggest even Counter-Drone systems are being targeted, and destroyed, by drones themselves. Another demonstration that adversaries are always seeking out counter-counter methods, and to be careful with technical product specification OPSEC – they’re reading your manuals just as much as the next potential customer.

In news off the battlefield, we have a failed drone delivery incursion at Mobile Metro Prison in Alabama, USA. EUROCAE releases quite a comprehensive draft on counter drone standards (well worth the read) and a very interesting outcome for NCDOT and Skydio in their BVLOS waiver for bridge inspection. All these and more in this week’s report.

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