Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #49

This summary has been extracted from our weekly public threat intelligence report. For more information on the platform or weekly email PDFs, please visit: or email us at [email protected] or join the slack group at

Tonight’s interesting read: A Marine’s Counter-UAS Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for evasion and deception against adversary UAS. This and the information below, in todays’ report.

This week’s surprising incident – a group arrested with a drone and contraband discovered to have an incredible 8 batteries with them…. that’s quite a few more than the 2 – 3 usually required by most professional drone services. The extra batteries were likely used to counter the quick depletion of the cells due to the payload weight and the number of contraband packages they were looking to deliver. You’ll also notice the Threat Actor profile is now dynamic – no longer static within the PDF report, it’s a live operating view of what has been observed. Please note, these are in development and only provide a small glimpse into the incidents matched within the platform for that Actor.

In a geolocational shift, we have observed some reports of UAS being launched by the UAE in Eritrea to drop explosives in Northern Ethiopia – this however has not been independently confirmed yet. An interesting read on how agricultural drones may be used for chemical and biological weapon attacks, as they hold and disperse fluids with great effectiveness as COTS.

For Notify users you can locate our latest presentation on research findings resulting in cyber-security compromise of drone, UTM and C-UAS, with a more detailed whitepaper to follow. Finally, for anyone interested our DroneSec methodology, collection and triage of our UAV Threat Intelligence (and more), we’re excited to announce that this will become available as a self-serve, online training by November 27th. If you’d like to look over the shoulder of our intel analysis team for a “day in the life of” a drone security consultant, this course has been made for you.

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