Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #5

This summary has been extracted from our weekly public threat intelligence report. For more information on the platform or weekly email PDFs, please visit: dronesec.com/pages/notify or email us at [email protected] or join the slack group at dronesec.slack.com.

It’s usually a good week when we don’t push any featured advisories to Notify subscribers. Not to say it was a quiet one though – a few police incidents around the UK, India and China headline our stories for this issue.

An interesting item to come out is the NASA report on their UTM trials, in the Whitepapers and Publications section - a quality, in-depth look at future drone and UAM operations. Another fantastic read was one of their previously released reports detailing an RFC for communication security and encryption within UTM standards, linked in a previous Notify issue.

As 2020 progresses, we’ll be ramping up towards our quarterly report – The State of Drone Security. This report factors in all the events, statistics and categories of incidents we’ve seen for the year so far, along with some analysis and case studies that have taken place since we rung in the new year.

We also have some exciting events happening in Singapore this quarter and look forward to sharing these and the results of our March training sessions with you shortly.

Of course, we continue to face a bushfire crisis in our HQ state in Victoria, Australia – it becomes very real when the threat faces our staff’ friends and family. To any subscribers who may have donated to one of the many bushfire funds – thank you from all of us here at DroneSec.

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