Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #51

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As we enter the last month of the year 2020, this issue provides a month-in-review of the various incidents gone by. An interesting uptick in the seizure of drones might not necessarily be good news – many of these are one-way flights or simply carrying payloads too heavy to return. The operators are still benefiting from a lack of attrition with only 11% of analysed drones leading to arrests through forensics.

This week, we were happy to have contributed to the Australian Force Exploration concept paper for robotic and autonomous systems (RAS); an interesting exercise and analysis of how drones and other robots could significantly change the battlefield in the years to come. We were also pleased to be joined by various Notify subscribers/users in our newly released training course ( where we dig into some of the methodology used to collect and create reports just like these.

At La Joyita Prison in Panama, over six attempts of narco-drone smuggling were recorded in just ten days. Pakistan has announced its looking to buy mini drones from Turkey in order to bolster border-attacks against India, and DroneShield releases their 5th version of the Counter-Drone Factbook. All this and more in today’s release.

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