Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #53

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It’s becoming quite commonplace now for search warrants or raids to result in identifying weapons and narcotics along with drones and their delivery systems, as seen in the Cooma Australia raid. From the EU, interesting guidelines incoming in 2021 with protection for cities against rogue drones and a CUAS evaluation handbook. Just a reminder, if you’d like a copy of the DroneSec CUAS evaluation handbook, please send us an email.

A number of interesting security suggestions appear in the US DoJ roadmap for implementing effective UAS programs’, and another more in-depth look at the improvised jet-engine drone discovered in use by Islamic Forces within Syria. All of these stories and more, in today’s report.

For all of our readers and customers we hope you have a wonderful Christmas period. We look forward to continuing operations in 2021 and addressing new concerns and challenges within drone security.

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