Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #73

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Thank you to everyone that attended the third DroneSec Global Drone Security Network! It was two terrific days of speakers from a variety of backgrounds related to drone security. We are grateful to the speakers (especially those returning) and viewers who joined in and made the event a great one. If you did attend the event, we would love to hear your feedback on the specific talks and speakers:

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As we enter a new month, another roll-up looks at the statistics observed by our intel team. In Israel, police deploy drones to drop tear-gas canisters on Palestinian protesters. Just over the border, an Israeli drone was captured by adversary forces for analysis. At the CanSecWest conference, researchers demonstrated an exploit of a Tesla vehicle via remote delivery of the payload by a drone with an offensive Wi-Fi dongle capability. Drones have been loaded with wireless enumeration devices before, but this may be one of the first cases of an exploit delivered remotely, to a remote system (vehicle) demonstrating the power of a transferrable platform. In Japan, a number of firms have halted the use of Chinese-made drones over cyber-security, data security and privacy concerns. It’s a move already undertaken by a number of Western countries, with an uptick in risk assessments (such as Blue sUAS) taking place to assess the security associated with friendly drone operations. One of those firms, Skydio, has also just released the X2 drone with a number of interesting features such as strobe/IR lighting and encryption for the firmware, hard drive, data-link and controller password protection. This signals a large investment in cyber-security for drones used by both critical infrastructure and defense users where digital security extends to OT systems.

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