Drone Threat Intel Report: DroneSec Notify #8

This summary has been extracted from our weekly public threat intelligence report. For more information on the platform or weekly email PDFs, please visit: or email us at [email protected] or join the slack group at

The month of January is gone, and our roll-up is here. We’ve provided some statistics to give a snapshot of the month gone by and as usual, will continue to compare each month forward.

A special nod to our readers – we’ve had some really constructive input in our methodology and roadmap in the last few weeks which will continue to shape Notify in the months forward. A special thanks to Kevin Manderson from Telstra (Threat Intelligence and Incident Response team), and David Kovar from URSA Inc (specialist UAV Forensics and Analytics firm) for their contributions.

The first ever DroneSec podcast recording was actually on the Randy Goers “Drone Radio Show” – in fact, it was likely the first drone ‘security’ podcast recording during that time. Since then, Randy has interviewed countless drone security and counter-drone episodes. Another one just came out this week on RF as a detection mechanism; it’s mentioned in this issue below, so go check it out; Randy’s podcast has a special place in the DroneSec team’s heart.

We will be operating on a different time zone next week as the bulk of the team is in Singapore for the Global Drone Security Network, Cyber Attack conference and Singapore Air Show. Notify public will be released as usual on Wednesday, maybe a few hours difference.

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