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DroneSec Training Courses

Training Courses

DroneSec delivers the most up-to-date drone security programs from real-world scenarios, threat intelligence, and client engagements.

If your organisation is developing drones in-house or purchasing them from a vendor, this often requires the up-skilling of staff in regards to the use, security, and responsibilities that come with drone technologies. Organisations, government bodies, and councils have a duty of care to their staff, customers, and the general public when it comes to the use of, and defence against, drones. 

Our training courses cover the entire drone ecosystem. Fundamental drone security concepts, counter-drone essentials and actionable playbooks based on threat-intelligence, and DroneSec case studies are included with the same training we use to train our drone security consultants.

Our training programs aren’t just for organisations. Individuals looking to upskill in order to be well placed for future work, or as a hobbyist looking to understand the full range of drone technology, we have three levels of training available to suit your needs.

Our courses can be taken online or in-person (at selected locations in APAC) with our experienced trainers. Courses can be taken individually, or as a bundle (recommended) to achieve certification. We offer the most thorough and comprehensive training courses available today in the context of Drone Security.

Trainings are now available from the above link.

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