DroneSec Aerial Threat Simulation

Aerial Threat Simulations

Drones are smarter, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately, as with any innovation this access to technology creates new avenues for malicious use.

Already airports, prisons, and critical infrastructure sites are suffering from this new wave of privacy and threat invasion. Organisations need to be ready to combat the airborne threat but are often limited by what they can do without Counter-Drone systems. Even when Counter-Drone systems are accessible, the numerous regulations, high costs, and levels of effectiveness are ambiguous at best.

DroneSec help organisations prepare against motivated attackers by performing simulations of the threats observed around the globe. Our attacks expose tangible flaws within your security process so that they can be remediated.


Aerial Threat Simulations Vs Red Teaming

As opposed to a Red Team which might occur at any time during the agreed time-frame, an aerial threat simulation is conducted in an agreed and controlled context. Our simulations can be undertaken with your staff and vendors (e.g. Counter-Drone manufacturer, CASA) present to provide additional learning and process review.

While conducting similar scenario's as a Red Team, our Aerial Threat Simulation can use a variety of drones, payloads or wireless communications to assess the effectiveness of your defensive controls.

To discuss how an Aerial Threat Simulation can help you test your environments, Counter-Drone Systems, or train your staff, speak to one of our consultants.