DroneSec Counter-Drone System Solutions

Counter-Drone Systems 

Counter-Drone systems detect, prevent, and react to rogue or malicious drones. These systems protect the people and assets within environment perimeters by stopping or neutralising drones that trespass airspace.

These systems can be a mix of hardware and software, operating on electronic or kinetic methods to take down or hijack drones. Why are there are so many types of Counter-Drone systems? Well, there are a number of reasons for this:

Some examples of Counter-Drone systems could include hacking, shooting nets, using eagles, using electromagnetic pulses and even using kinetic force to shoot or destroy the drone out of the sky.

It's important to know what laws and regulations might apply before looking into which Counter-Drone system is right for you. Equally important is comparing the different systems detection and response ability, and which is most effective for your environment.

How DroneSec provides assurance for Counter-Drone systems:

DroneSec works with Counter-Drone customers and vendors to ensure system suites are resilient to various attacks, effective against a variety of drone types and work within national and state regulations.


DroneSec provides advisory for effective Counter-Drone systems:

By conducting assessments and simulations against these systems, DroneSec analyse and assess a baseline of the cost and effectiveness of each vendor product. DroneSec not only pass these key metrics on to customers wishing to assess the best Counter-Drone system for their assets or environment, but work with organisations to help them make decisions about existing or future systems.  


What kind of organisations would benefit from this service?

Anyone looking to protect against unwanted physical or visual compromise of their perimeter, such as airports, prisons, sport stadiums, major events and critical infrastructure. We help these organisations select the best Counter-Drone system, train them in Incident Response and test the implementation's effectiveness against live threats.

For investors, DroneSec can provide letters of assurance for environments and software interacting with Counter-Drone systems.