DroneSec Drone Security Program

Drone Security Program

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand the various technical, legal, and operational risks associated with operating a drone program (or Counter-Drone system), not to mention the rapidly evolving nature of the drone industry. This is where DroneSec can help by partnering with clients to identify, assess, and continuously uplift the security of their drone program. 

If your organisation is developing drones in-house or purchasing them from a vendor this can result in a focus on innovation whilst also increasing the risk to the business by failing to implement vital security controls within the drone ecosystem. The same can be said for organisations wanting to protect their facilities, environments, or assets against malicious drones.

Organisations, government bodies, and councils have a duty of care to their staff, customers, and the general public. A significant number of threats exist to drones which, if left unaddressed, undermine the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organisation. DroneSec specialise in assessing the underpinning drone ecosystem of an organisation which might include drones, infrastructure, associated devices, Universal Traffic Management (UTM), and Counter-Drone systems.

A holistic approach to Drone Security Management: 

Depending on your threat surface, risk appetite, and environment, the organisation may require one or more of the following as a part of your drone management program:

Your drone security partners:

DroneSec know that emerging technology changes rapidly, and that most organisations generally lack the time and resources to keep on top of the threat landscape. To this end, DroneSec also offer a long-term drone security partnership service.

With this service, organisations receive our world-renowned drone threat intel (DroneSec Notify) updates, Counter-Drone analysis, updates on how changes to firmware, laws and regulations could affect your drone ecosystem, and additional in-house research and whitepapers free of charge alongside any engaged services.