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Commercial Drones

Drones are a technological innovation which enable people to view the world like never before. Going further than unique vision and photographs, drones now carry, explore, rescue, protect, and enable. 

Drones allow all types and sizes of organisations to revolutionise the scope and effectiveness of their existing operations whilst simultaneously reducing costs. With the continuing rapid innovation of this emerging technology, use cases around the world have seen the emergency services, smart cities and agriculture industries utilise them with phenomenal results.

Drones are cyber-physical systems, meaning they're made up of various electronic and software components just like a computer. They operate as miniature networks, sending and receiving information from various sources - including the internet.

Just like the traditional landscape of IT, drones are susceptible to attack vectors in ways that we've seen computers be targeted by for decades, with new avenues being exploited as the technology develops. Drones don't just comprise of one system - there are devices, software programs, physical payloads and fleet servers that all enable them to function correctly with new features.

How DroneSec provides assurance for drones:

DroneSec work with drone customers and vendors to ensure the systems and associated software are resilient to various attacks. It's not just the drone that is at risk - compromised software or servers connected to drones are often the focal target to malicious actors.

Our test framework and unique methodology assesses the risk associated with using a system or software that could be vulnerable, and provides remediation steps on how to resolve the issues.

There are a number of risks associated with purchasing or using drones: 

There are a number of risks associated with developing software or systems that interact with drones:

What kind of organisations would benefit from this service?

Organisations that are using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) drones in their operations, or planning on developing them in-house.

This could include emergency services for fire management, construction companies tracking progress of building sites or sporting events using drone-enabled live-streaming capabilities.

For investors, DroneSec can provide letters of assurance for systems, software, and network environments that interact with drones.