Drone Security Operations Certificate

DSOC earners have demonstrated an understanding of security within drones, counter-drone systems and swarms. Holders have learnt security fundamentals and cyber-physical vulnerabilities, regulation nuances and offensive/defensive drone security operations. They can perform basic OSINT collection, threat modelling and IoT exploitation. Earners can gauge the effectiveness of countermeasures, physical security and threat actors using drones within adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures.
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DroneSec is official certification issuer of Drone Security Operations Certificate (DSOC).

When you complete the requirements involved in obtaining a certificate from DroneSec, you'll get issued a Digital Badge. This is a way to show and verify you earned the certificate online.
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Course Curriculums

Our Top 3 Courses:

Drone SecOps: Offense & Defense

Key Takeaways:

(1) Security Risks and Attack Vectors within the Drone Industry

(2) Cyber, Physical and Kinetic Security Vectors

(3) Responding to, Simulating and Preparing for Intrusions

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Drone Security Fundamentals

Key Takeaways:

(1) Drones, Counter-Drone and UTM Systems

(2) Current and future threat vectors and risk surface

(3) Case studies, methodologies and threat modelling techniques

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Drone Security Regulations

Key Takeaways:

(1) Drones, Counter-Drone and UTM system legal requirements

(2) Problems, Case Studies and Precedents within the Industry

(3) Current and future regulatory requirements and considerations

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