DroneSec Educate

Drone Fun, Safety, and Security Workshops

DroneSec Educate focuses on providing parents, teachers, and education providers with STEM-based learning content for children aged K1-12. DroneSec drone security specialists, in collaboration with educators and parents, have designed content that presents the most up-to-date drone safety and security concepts in a simple, easy to digest format which is both informative and fun for students.

Emerging technologies are often the most difficult to find relevant and engaging content for – and rarely is it put together by people working on the forefront of said technologies. DroneSec Educate combines both and provides several different inclusion tiers to suit your education needs.

DroneSec Educate content includes:

  • An introduction to drone technology,
  • How drones can be used for good,
  • How drones can be used for bad,
  • Drone safety and why it matters.
  • The importance of physical and cybersecurity for drones,
  • An introduction to counter-drone technology

In addition to the presentation, DroneSec Educate comes with several options of additional workshop activities which can be hosted as a “Do-It-Yourself” workshop, or an option for a hosted workshop by DroneSec consultants.

Need more information? Simply contact us and one of our friendly consultants will assist you with your enquiry.

Resource Pack Comparison Table

Inclusions At Home Kit Teacher's Resource Pack School Resource Pack DIY Incursion Pack DroneSec Incursion Day


1 Individual License

1 Individual License

Whole-School License

Lifetime License

Lifetime License

PowerPoint Presentation

Text Only

PowerPoint Presentation


Activity Pack:

Counter-Drone Systems

Learning Outcomes:

Detailed information, scripts, exercises and outcomes on this STEM subject.

Workshop Pack:

Conduct a real-life exercise complete with gamification and instructions.

Certificate of Completion:

Templates for presenting to students.

Workshop Preparation Pack:

Procurement guides if your school prefers to purchase materials directly through existing suppliers OR already has existing DJI TELLO EDU drones.

All workshop materials, EDU drones, and safety equipment delivered to your school:

Simply receive the equipment and run the workshop - you get to keep the drones for endless STEM activities and course materials.

Take-Home Pack:

Stickers, drone safety brochures and resources sent to your school.

DroneSec Led Session:

The DroneSec team takes care of everything - from setting up, running the event, and packing-up.

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