DroneSec Forensics and Incident Response

Forensics and Incident Response

DroneSec help organisations prevent, prepare, and manage security incidents to protect their businesses and assets. Whether you have just experienced a drone incident, or are planning your resilience strategy, our expert team can help you plan, manage, and recover to avoid recurrence. 

How DroneSec Can Help:

DroneSec provide forensic and incident response services which cover the full incident management lifecycle. Every aspect is considered, including maintaining a chain of custody and the ability to provide expert opinion and testimony in a Court of Law. 

What Systems Do We Work With?

Our team can assess a variety of technologies, systems, and components related to drones from a forensic recovery perspective.

Friendly and Malicious Drones
Had something happen to a friendly drone or acquired a malicious drone? DroneSec will perform forensic recovery of information from their controllers, devices, applications, software, and infrastructure (where available).

Universal Traffic Management (UTM) systems
Some forensics may require assessment of the underlying infrastructure, software, endpoints, and communication system of UTM’s. Other times if they’re the target of a cyber-attack, they’ll need to be assessed for the attack paths that interacted with managed drones.

Counter-Drone Systems
Counter-Drone systems themselves are susceptible to being hacked into or bypassed. When identifying the Root Cause Analysis (RCA), DroneSec can perform analysis of Counter Drone infrastructure, software, and integrations.

If you require incident response services right now, please contact us on our incident response hotline on: 

If it’s an emergency, give us a call right now. Otherwise, we’d love to talk you through how we can better prepare your organisation for possible future incidents.