DroneSec Internet Of Things Solutions

IoT Solutions

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) connects software and hardware to the internet, creating new opportunities and techniques for doing business.

Increasingly, drones are being developed with new features, interconnected abilities and restricted by software-enabled controls. Being able to utilise the airspace and paired with kinetic weight and an endless variety of payloads, drones present a much different problem set than typical IoT devices today.

How DroneSec provides assurance for IoT systems:

Aligning to industry frameworks and our unique methodology allow us to hone in on the most important security aspects of IoT systems - privacy, control and integration. 

Our experience isn't just limited to drones - we focus on IoT both as individual systems outside of drones, and as part of a service when assessing the drone ecosystem.

What kind of organisations would benefit from this service?

Organisations that are currently developing or implementing IoT in their environments, organisations or as business-powered applications. DroneSec can undertake penetration testing activities, security roadmaps and threat surface analysis for IoT.

For projects that require certification, assurance or simply tested with a rigorous methodology, DroneSec can provide assurance that suits your project's needs.