DroneSec Penetration Testing and Hardening

Penetration Testing and Hardening

Our team of highly experienced and professional penetration testers and drone experts help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

We test drones, UTM, and Counter-Drone Systems:


Looking to test your drone(s)? This might include their controllers, devices, applications, software, communication protocols, and infrastructure.

Universal Traffic Management (UTM) systems: 

UTM system tests include their underlying infrastructure, software, endpoints, and communication systems.

Counter-Drone Systems: 

How do you assess the resilience of your Counter-Drone system? A core focus by malicious operators who may want to take it down in order to bypass perimeter defences, this component may also include the system’s connectivity with your network, infrastructure, software, and integrations.

Most organisations design and protect their IT environments and networks to withstand the most common security threats. As drones, UTM, and Counter-Drone systems are inherently built on information systems, it’s important to treat them with the same level of risk control. Given their level of access, importance to the organisation and information storage capabilities, businesses can no longer afford to take the risk of not prioritising protection of their drone ecosystem in the same way they protect their IT systems. 

Our team can focus on performing a penetration test against a single system or as an attack path through various systems that might be under your or your vendor’s control. Our testers utilise a comprehensive set of methods and techniques to simulate a variety of malicious actors seeking to gain access to, disrupt, or steal information from your systems.

DroneSec help identify traditional and unique cyber and information security vulnerabilities, security weaknesses, and misconfigurations in drone software, hardware, Universal Traffic Management (UTM), and Counter-Drone systems.