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Commercial Drone Users

Data security and protection against disruption, hijacking and data leakage.

Counter-Drone Operations

Intelligence and evaluation of their technology to detect and disrupt drones.

Environments & Perimeters

Intelligence and protection of airborne threats delivered via drone.
Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

Agencies should feel enabled when using drones, not restricted.

Why are 1 in 3 drone programs halted or paused before they take off?

- Drones procured without assessing their vulnerability to disruption, manipulation and hijacking.
- Data security & privacy assurance - observable by the public or even nation states.
- Secure drone systems are expensive, lack features and have little supply chain availability.

Law Enforcement

Protect your drone operations by securing their data and use.

Stay ahead of the curve with intelligence about nefarious drone use.

Emergency Services

Detect fires, deliver defibrillators and perform search and rescue with certainty that your data and operations are safe and secure.

What kind of organisations would benefit from our product?

- You use drones in field operations or manage a fleet.

- You face drones disrupting your regular operations in the field.

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Critical Infrastructure

Your drone operations should be private and secure. Staff in charge of securing facilities and environment perimeters deserve better awareness of the threats posed to their drones, and from malicious drones.

How DroneSec helps a European Port handle drones:

By using DroneSec Notify, the port receives threat intelligence such as:

- Real-time notifications of UAS intrusions at other European Ports

- Weekly analysis on UAS incidents at ports outside of Europe

- Monthly summaries on malicious UAS use at critical infra globally

What kind of organisations would benefit from our product?

- You use drones for remote monitoring, mapping or safety checks and need them to be secure.

- You are considering drone detection or counter-drone technology and want to baseline (and evaluate) the threat.

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Government Departments

Drones are cyber, physical and aviation.

You can't compromise on understanding laws, regulations, policy and the security aspects that enable drones.

Local, National, Federal

Public use of drones has developed rapidly. Data is captured, collected and stored by thousands of government staff each day.

Drones enable innovation and shouldn't be restricted in their use - dangerous incidents and hacktivism results in weariness of their adoption.

By taking a security-first approach, government can reap the benefits of drones whilst assuring protection & safety.

Glossary of Drone Risks

A number of risks are inherited by the creation of a drone program, including:

- Exfiltration of sensitive or classified data to unknown entities

- Weak or misconfigured software that could allow systems to be exploited

- Financial or reputational risk of hijacked systems involved in an incident

Enabling Innovation

Government have the capacity to turn their state or country into a hub for drone activity and innovation.

A smart city powering the world's mobility, delivery and transport.

Ports, airports and cargo hubs connected and renowned as extraordinary feats of logistical accomplishment.

Safety and security for sports, events and millions of citizens in public spaces.

What kind of departments would benefit from our product?

- You are in charge of recognising and mitigating threats to public interests and infrastructure.

- You are navigating the laws, regulations and solutions that might enable or counter drones.

- You are tasked with analysing the potential risks, impact and benefit of drone technology.

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