DroneSec UTM System Solution


UTM Systems

The power of drones can be best harnessed by a Universal Traffic Management (UTM) system. Autonomous, mass-controlled and avoiding ground and air level objects, UTMs are a future solution making mass-delivery and service operations by drones possible.

Controlling an entire drone fleet from a single operator dashboard can uplift drone operations and enable real-time status tracking of multiple drones - regardless of their make, model or brand. UTM systems are currently being trialled in multiple smart cities across the globe, with software vendors positioning their systems to be both command and control - that is, bundling Counter-Drone systems into their fleet management.

There are a variety of unique attack vectors that affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of UTMs and the drones they manage. Compromise of UTM systems, the drones they manage or the information transmitted between them can cause serious financial or reputational risks if not adequately prepared for.


DroneSec utilises their extensive expertise, research, and unique methodology to undertake an assessment of a UTM system - from the design phase all the way to development and implementation.

There are a number of key risks we identify when assessing UTM systems:

What kind of organisations would benefit from this service?

Organisations that are currently developing UTM systems or smart cities, councils or governments looking to purchase and implement them.

DroneSec handles all of the security projects within a UTM implementation, identifying the potential threat vectors, required resources, and testing assurance.

For projects that require certification, assurance or simply tested with a rigorous methodology, DroneSec can provide assurance that suits your project's needs.