• Drone Security Regulations

Drone Security Regulations

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This course is designed to build upon the course: Drone Security Fundamentals. If you have not yet completed this course please see the course outline here. However, if you have a good working knowledge of drone security, this course may be taken separately. If you require additional information about whether this course is right for you, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff will help you with any questions. 

Who is this course for? 

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in the field of drones operations, Counter-Drone and Universal Traffic Management system laws and regulations. This course is for professionals and beginners alike, looking to use drones or Counter-Drone systems in a lawful manner. 


Why take this course? 

Becoming DroneSec certified means understanding the key legal requirements affecting drones, Counter-Drone and UTM systems, being able to minimise risk when operating a drone program and having a clear understanding of business requirements in order to operate within the boundaries of the law.

The course details the various legal requirements that those operating a drone program or protecting environments should consider before purchasing or implementing the technology. Anyone finishing this course will have a clear understanding of the global and national legal requirements for this industry.


What will I walk away with?

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of:
  • Drones, Counter-Drone and UTM system legal requirements
  • Problems, Case Studies and Precedents within the Industry
  • Current and future regulatory requirements and considerations

Participants will receive a comprehensive course on understanding the basic laws and regulations that face organisations utilising drones for business and those looking to protect their assets against malicious drones.

Students will walk away knowing the laws that govern drones, counter-UAS systems, and the storage and transmission of data within drones. Playbooks detailing our unique methodology will be provided to help make better decisions within organisations regarding drone and Counter-Drone operations.

    A certificate of completion will be awarded for completing this module. For the DroneSec certification, an individual will need to complete all three modules.


    How do we deliver the training? 

    Both in-person and online training. The in-person course is specific in time/date and location, and has a duration of one (1) day. The online course can be completed at your own time discretion.


    What do we teach?

    • Introduction: Drones, IoT, and Security Basics
    • Recap: Drone Security Fundamentals
    • Introduction: Drone Security Laws and Regulations Overview
      • Case Studies:
        • Country-Specific
        • International Laws and Incidents
        • Key Cases and Precedents
    • The Cyber-Physical Dilemma
    • Counter-Drone Restrictions and Options
      • Case Studies:
        • Techniques and Legal Bypasses
        • Risk Profiling and Decision Matrix
        • Key Events and Incidents
    • Solutions and Future Guidelines
    • Drone Security Regulations Assessment

            Our Expertise
            World Class Trainers
            A natural evolution from cybersecurity (Penetration Testing and Red Teaming), DroneSec combines years of technical know-hows with deep roots in both commercial and hobbyist drones. As part of the Privasec family, DroneSec has a large arm of expert consultants in multiple industries and skill specialisations - all of whom contribute to the content and scope of DroneSec training programs to ensure they’re as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. You might say that drones and drone security are our obsession, which we utilise to your advantage.

            We have significant experience in assessing Counter-Drone solutions, have taught thousands of people to hack into and secure drones, have a global drone threat-intelligence feed, and have utilised drone technology in a variety of Red Team engagements throughout APAC.

            DroneSec consultants regularly engage with both the drone and security community via podcasts, conference talks, meetups, and we also sit on advisory panels at the forefront of technology and corresponding regulatory bodies.

            Dates and Locations
            Design Your Delivery
            DroneSec deliver training workshops in-house for organisations within most of the APAC region, in a live online environment with one of our specialist trainers, or you can attend at one of our pre-scheduled training event dates and locations. Additionally, you can pre-purchase tickets to in-person training courses to redeem against future dates, or against the upcoming release of online training options.

            Drone Security Fundamentals: March 18th, Melbourne, Australia
            Drone Security Regulations: March 19th, Melbourne, Australia
            Drone SecOps: Offense & Defence: March 20th, Melbourne, Australia

            Can't see an event date or location listed that works for you? Contact Us to enquire about upcoming dates, or to see whether we can put together a date and location specifically for you.