Adversary Intelligence for Small Drones

Your real-time dashboard of drone threats, globally.

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An intelligence platform for tracking drone threats

Notify is a fully automated solution built from the ground-up for drone threats.

DroneSec is the original Drone Threat Intelligence service for staying aware of the threat and evolving actors, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Empower your C-UAS program

Track real-time drone threats

Access to a database of over 10,000 key incidents - categorized, risk prioritized and each with up to 50 points of collected data

DroneSec delivers multiple intelligence layers:
- Strategic
- Tactical
- Operational
- Technical
- Business
- Bespoke

Threat Actor Glossary

Street gangs, organized crime, violent non-state actors and even modern militaries. Understand each specific adversary and their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Gain insight into incidents attributed to an actor and how their operations evolve over time.

Jump into detailed analysis of each threat actor profile and their:
- Motivations and Goals
- Flight Profiles and Payload Use
- Procurement Methods, Budget and Technology
- Underground Forums, Hideouts and Chatter
- Counter-Counter Methods and Modifications

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

The way adversaries operate changes daily. Gain hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly observations into changes in TTP per threat actor, location, category and technology type. From Ukraine to Myanmar, Syria to Mexico - techniques from conflict areas spill into the homeland.

Receive intelligence briefs, reports and research curated by our drone threat analysts, including:
- Event SWOT analysis and discussion
- Newly observed, never-seen-before TTPs
- 3D printing, payload-dropping mechanisms, performance modifications and communications
- Launch, landing and flight profile analysis

Knowledge Base

The largest collection of guidance, checklists,
reports and documents related to drone threats
and C-UAS. Reduce resource collection hours with
a centralized data lake for all information needed
to operate a counter-drone program. Historical and empirical data collated from 2014 to current.

Give your organization:
- Weekly Threat Briefs
- Monthly Roll-Ups
- Monthly Trend Reports
- Incident Maps
- Intelligence Whitepapers

Technical Component Analysis

Both hardware and software components can be used to modify drones and their payloads. Gain detailed technical analysis of the various mechanisms and components procured, printed or placed onto drones for various outcomes. Get visual evidence of the systems your team might encounter in the field.

Receive key pricing, complexity, geographical and performance information relating to:
- GCS, controller, application and drone mods
- Payload droppers and trigger mechanisms
- Hobbyist, underground and black-market tooling

Internet Scraping and Social Media

The platform is built for scale, ingesting a firehose of social media (twitter, telegram, instagram), dark web (TOR, onion) and search engine results at speed. With natural language AI, monitoring for drone threats takes place across 70+ languages and accounts for hundreds of covert keyword permutations.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is fused with context to provide critical insights. DroneSec is the Counter-Drone Operating System of choice for keyword, location and threat monitoring.

Cyber Exploits & Vulnerabilities

Drones and Counter-Drone systems are cyber-physical, internet-connected devices. A growing threat includes bypass, spoofing or exploitation attacks against C-UAS to evade detection and mitigation measures.

Friendly drones are targeted with exploits to extract valuable data and hijack systems. Rogue drones are modified to go higher, further, faster and evade counter-measures. DroneSec captures and highlights this data to customers.

DroneSec helps organisations

DroneSec has helped shape the industry since 2016 through whitepapers, holding conferences, consulting/advisory and responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities. DroneSec develop their own tooling which is used and trained on all over the world.
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