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Secure your hovering laptops

DroneSec is a new approach to drone security that reveals critical risks and attack vectors regardless of brand or environment. This gives your security teams visibility and control, and your drone pilots their ticket to fly.
Commercial drones empower mobility, delivery and transport. Secure to innovate.

Mitigate your cyber-physical risks

Drone Cybersecurity

Protect and monitor your assets from cyber threats.

Monitor vulnerabilities and enforce compliance standards in real-time, without adding time or effort to those who just need to do the job - fly.
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Drone Threat Intelligence

We built a global threat intelligence monitoring platform for drones.

Don't buy into hype. Track real-world events.
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Research-driven Development

A brilliant team does the research. The software automates the rest.

Achieve better security posture with our learning and special reports passed on to PRIVATE customers.
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Your drone security assets

SECURE YOUR FLEET - Drone Security Platform

A single comprehensive platform to visualise your drone fleet's cybersecurity risk and posture. Monitor vulnerability alerts with SIEM integration, enforce compliance on contractor drones and automatically geo-fence drones by classification.

Using DroneSec Protect organisations can:

1. Fly drones in sensitive areas (others can't see the data)

2. Avoid high-profile security breaches

3. Detect, Prevent and Respond to drones being hijacked
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SECURE YOUR PERIMETER - Drone Threat Intelligence Platform

Powering the worlds Counter-Drone industry. Say goodbye to paper reports - you've never continuously monitored UAS threat actors like this before. A 100% digital engine utilsing hundreds of sources in real-time.

Using DroneSec Notify organisations can:

1. Get alerts for real-time UAS incidents and events

2. Track our global threat actor database tactics, techniques and procedures

3. Discover over 1000+ different categorised trends, reports and summaries
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SECURE YOUR TEAM - Online Training Platform

Organisations just like yours trust DroneSec to enable their teams to run and manage their own drone security programs. Take the training and certificate you've heard everyone else talk about.

Taking DroneSec training can:

1. Rapidly onboard staff to the drone security & counter-drone industry

2. Understand the threat landscape and apply practical operations in the area

3. Create their own drone security policies, frameworks and standard-operating-procedures
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DroneSec helps organisations

DroneSec has helped shape the industry since 2016 through whitepapers, holding conferences, consulting/advisory and responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities. DroneSec develop their own tooling which is used and trained on all over the world.

Community Centered

DroneSec has helped shape the industry since 2016 through whitepapers, conferences, advisory and responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities. Our products are the crystalisation of years in research, development and consulting.

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Global Drone Threat Intelligence Platform

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